Move to Stronsay, the Scottish island that’s open to all

Anti-tourism is not welcome on the Orkney isle, where a community group has started a campaign to attract visitors (and residents) to the remote outpost with a ‘rich cultural life and sense of freedom’

It’s not uncommon to hit the new year with an overwhelming desire to quit your job, shed your responsibilities and flee to a tiny, isolated island to begin a new, simpler, perhaps even more meaningful life. Such disaffected folk should consider a move to the tiny Orkney island of Stronsay, Scotland (population 370), which has launched a campaign to attract visitors – and residents.

Promoting itself with a new brand and website, Stronsay is pitched as a world away from the big city lifestyle, where Islanders “maintain a tight-knit community with a rich social and cultural life underpinned by a sense of place, freedom and self-sufficiency that many city dwellers, frustrated with the frenetic pace of modern life, can only dream about”.

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